Brisbane Music and Audio Mastering


Master Crafting Audio. DOMC Mastering is a dedicated mastering studio located just outside of Brisbane, QLD. We specialize in getting your next audio recording ready for the public. We can handle almost all audio formats including analogue and digital.

Our services include:

  • CD Mastering
  • Music Mastering
  • Audio Restoration
  • Vinyl Mastering
  • DDP Creation
  • High Quality MP3 exporting
  • iTunes ready files
  • Certified mastered for iTunes ready files

DOMC Mastering treats each and every client like an individual. We will listen to you and help you find the sound that you are chasing.

DOMC Mastering listens to feedback, and we guarantee that our clients never walk away disappointed. After mastering your music and your CD, we will arrange a catch-up session, free of charge, to make any changes you request.

To setup a time call us on 0421 961 641.


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  • "Dylan Joel"

    Amazing Aussie hip-hop talent.

    image Dylan Joel
  • "Chelsea Jane"

    New female Aussie hip-hop talent.

    image Chelsea Jane
  • "Regurgitator"

    The huge back catalogue of Regurgitator is now available on vinyl.

  • "The Mighty M-Phazes"

    Arguably the top producer in Australia at the moment. M-Phazes is kicking insane goals. We have been lucky enough o work on a few of his projects.

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